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4 Tips To Start The New Financial Year Right

The start of a new financial year is a great time to reset your finances and put systems in place to help you keep on top of your income, expenses and tax obligations for the coming financial year. Ready to get organised? Here are 4 tips to give yourself a head start in the new financial year!

1. Start your tax planning

start your tax planning

It is best to start your tax planning early in the financial year. That’s because you have enough time to calculate how much you need to invest to save the maximum tax possible and evaluate all options available

2. Set Goals

set goals

Take the time at the start of the financial to write down what you want to achieve financially. A support system such as walker wayland’s advisors is key to make these goals within reach and help periodically measure your progress throughout the year.

3. Create flexibility

create flexibility

Looking at day-to-day operations in a holistic way will help create agility for potential disruptions. If cash flow is becoming an issue, consider tax pooling for provisional tax payments for additional flexibility.

4. Conduct regular reviews


As they say, knowledge is power. Regular reviews of your financial position are key to building momentum for the financial year. Identifying with where you have overspent and potentially missed opportunities, will help restructure business or personal goals for the financial year.

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