Optimise your financial position with tax advice tailored to your company's individual needs.
Every client’s needs are a little different, so our approach to creating
tax-­effective business advice is equally bespoke.
We offer you a full range of tax services with the personal involvement
of our principles and tax specialists. We can help you devise a tax 
strategy that maximises your tax benefits, while ensuring you comply 
with all your tax obligations on time, without stress.

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tax advice consultation
We’d like to offer you some tax advice today.

Call us now to discuss the benefits of having Walker Wayland’s expert tax advisory team working for you. Your first meeting is free. We’ll get to know more about your goals and then give you initial tax advice that will help you reach your goals faster and more easily. We look forward to meeting you.
Tax Planning and Consultancy
Our services are based on comprehensive knowledge of the tax regulations, and an understanding of the crucial need for sound advice and clear communications.

Tax Advisory Services
  • Tax effective business structures
  • Property and land transactions
  • Investment tax
  • E-commerce
  • GST
  • PIE/Fair Dividend Regimes
  • International trade
Tax advice for new immigrants
Welcome to New Zealand, land of 15% GST and severe penalties for late or incorrectly calculated payments.
Because the tax regulations here are certain to be different, it’s easy to make costly mistakes, unless you have
the right advice. Our team understands the difficulties immigrants face in adjusting to running a business or
managing investments in New Zealand, and can guide you through the local tax maze.

Tax Compliance
Our tax compliance services can help you whether you’re well established or a new start-up. Our aim is
to make the process simple, transparent and stress free, so you can get on with running your business
or investments, and making money.

Tax Compliance Services
  • GST returns and reviews
  • Payroll and employer tax obligations
  • FBT management
  • Resident Withholding Tax
  • Non-resident entities
  • Income tax returns
  • ACC assessment procedures
  • Gift duty
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